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Apr 14, 2018

Stay Informed with Haven Family Resource Center

Welcome to the News section of Haven Family Resource Center, your ultimate source of valuable information and updates on community and society. We understand the importance of staying connected and being aware of the latest happenings in our community. Through this comprehensive news page, we aim to keep you informed and engaged.

Building a Strong Community

At Haven Family Resource Center, we believe that a strong community starts with well-informed individuals. Our News section covers a wide range of topics relevant to the Scottsdale community and beyond. From local events and initiatives to social issues and impactful stories, we strive to provide engaging and transformative content.

Investing in Education and Literacy

One of our key focuses is promoting education and literacy within the community. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring you the latest updates on literacy programs, workshops, and educational resources. We believe that knowledge is power, and by sharing valuable information through our News section, we aim to empower individuals of all ages.

Supporting Families and Individuals

Haven Family Resource Center is committed to providing support and assistance to families and individuals facing various challenges. Through our News section, we share inspiring stories, success journeys, and informative articles that address important issues. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging and offering guidance to all community members.

Empowering Community Engagement

Engagement is key to building a thriving community. Through our News section, we encourage active participation and engagement from our readers. We provide opportunities for community members to contribute their stories, ideas, and suggestions. Together, we can create a positive change and make a real difference in the lives of those around us.

Stay Connected and Up-to-Date

To ensure you never miss out on important updates, remember to bookmark our News page and check back regularly. We update our content frequently to provide you with the most relevant and current information. Join the Haven Family Resource Center community and become part of the positive change we are striving for.

Get Involved Today!

Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you have a story to share or an event to promote? We want to hear from you! Contact Haven Family Resource Center today and connect with us. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community.


The News section of Haven Family Resource Center is your trusted source for staying informed, connected, and empowered. We are dedicated to providing high-quality content that is relevant, engaging, and valuable to our community and society as a whole. Join us on this journey and be an active participant in creating positive change. Together, we can make a difference!

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Being informed about our community is key to fostering a connected and inclusive society. Thanks for creating this space!
Oct 28, 2023
Jon Swinghammer
Great to see a resource center promoting community awareness and engagement! 🌟
Oct 20, 2023
Zachary Young
Informative and engaging
Oct 12, 2023
Carol Cumming
Thank you for understanding the importance of staying connected and for providing a platform to help us do so. Much appreciated!
May 11, 2023
Alejandro Hernandez
Great to see this initiative providing valuable information to the community! Looking forward to staying informed.
Mar 10, 2023
Alef Steine
This news section seems like a great way to stay connected with the community. Thanks for sharing!
Mar 7, 2023
Elspeth Tavares
Stay connected and informed - that's what it's all about. Kudos to Haven Family Resource Center for this effort!
Jul 21, 2022
Yash Oulkar
This news section is a great resource for staying updated and aware of what's going on. Definitely a valuable addition.
Oct 13, 2021
Tricia Spoonts
I'm excited to have a go-to source for the latest happenings in the community. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!
Jul 18, 2021
It's always valuable to stay informed about what's happening in our community. This resource center sounds like a great way to do that.
Feb 26, 2021
Mike Tyer
Looking forward to getting the latest updates on community events and news here!
Jan 19, 2021
David Hammel
✨ Keeping the community informed is essential. Thank you, Haven Family Resource Center, for your dedication to this cause! ✨
Jun 3, 2020
Jared Wolff
I appreciate the efforts to keep the community well-informed. Looking forward to reading more updates.
Oct 1, 2018
Billy Campbell
Thank you for creating a platform to keep us updated on important community news. It's much appreciated.
Sep 26, 2018
The Grove Ellensburg
Community news is crucial for staying connected and engaged. Looking forward to following the updates here.
Jun 22, 2018
Mike Dowd
It's great to have a centralized source for community updates and information. Thanks for providing this resource.
May 23, 2018