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May 29, 2020

If you are passionate about literacy and learning, you've come to the right place. appaloosa is a community and society resource provided by the Haven Family Resource Center, dedicated to promoting the mission of The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library.

The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library

The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to support the Scottsdale Public Library and its services. Founded on the belief that a well-funded public library strengthens the entire community, the Friends focus on raising funds, advocating for library initiatives, and promoting the importance of literacy.

Our Mission

At appaloosa, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive information about The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library and their impactful work. We aim to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of literacy, learning, and community engagement.

Supporting Literacy and Learning

The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library play a critical role in ensuring that the library remains a vital resource for individuals of all ages. By offering support through fundraising events, book sales, and community outreach programs, the Friends enable the library to provide access to educational materials, innovative programs, and technology that enriches learning experiences.

Engaging Community Programs

appaloosa showcases the numerous community programs organized by The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library. These programs are designed to bring people together, foster a love for literature, and inspire learning.

New Voices Lecture Series

The New Voices Lecture Series proudly invites renowned authors and experts to share their insights with the community. This forum encourages intellectual discourse, expands knowledge, and promotes a passion for reading.

The Book Club

Join The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library's Book Club and immerse yourself in captivating literary discussions. The club meets monthly to delve into thought-provoking books, share personal experiences, and connect with fellow book enthusiasts.

Children's Storytime

The Friends understand the importance of instilling a love for reading at a young age. Through the Children's Storytime program, engaging storytellers captivate young minds, sparking imagination, and inspiring a lifelong love for books.

Online Resources and Services

In addition to their community initiatives, The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library strive to enhance their online presence, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users. Their website offers a range of resources and services that support literacy and learning.

Virtual Bookstore

The Virtual Bookstore is an online platform where book lovers can purchase a variety of titles. By shopping here, you directly contribute to The Friends' fundraising efforts, enabling them to continue their support of the Scottsdale Public Library.

Book Donations

The Friends gladly accept book donations from individuals and organizations. These donated books are then sold at book sales, with proceeds benefiting the library. Donating books not only supports literacy but also promotes sustainability and recycling.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in making a difference in your community? The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library offer various volunteer opportunities. By donating your time and skills, you contribute to the organization's success while fostering a sense of pride in giving back.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

appaloosa encourages you to get involved and support The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library. Whether through attending events, joining the Book Club, or making a donation, your contribution will have a lasting impact on literacy, learning, and community development.

Together, we can continue to foster a culture of lifelong learning, promote the joy of reading, and empower individuals of all ages through the valuable resources provided by the Scottsdale Public Library.

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