Workplace Giving Campaigns - Prescott

Dec 31, 2019

Supporting Community and Society through Workplace Giving

Welcome to Haven Family Resource Center, your trusted partner in making a positive impact in our community. Our workplace giving campaigns in Prescott provide a unique opportunity for businesses and employees to contribute towards important causes, helping to build a better and more caring society.

Why Participate in Workplace Giving Campaigns?

Participating in workplace giving campaigns allows your company and employees to take an active role in supporting community and society. It demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility and creates a stronger sense of purpose within your organization.

The Benefits for Businesses

By engaging in workplace giving, your business can:

  • Enhance your company's reputation as a socially conscious organization
  • Build positive relationships with employees, customers, and the community
  • Create a positive and inclusive work culture
  • Attract and retain top talent who value corporate philanthropy
  • Benefit from potential tax deductions for charitable contributions

The Benefits for Employees

Participating in workplace giving campaigns can have a profound impact on employees:

  • Foster a sense of pride and fulfillment
  • Engage in team-building activities that promote collaboration
  • Give back and make a difference in their community
  • Become more socially aware and active citizens

Our Commitment to Community

As Haven Family Resource Center, we are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families in Prescott. Our workplace giving campaigns play a significant role in funding our various community programs, including:

  • Family Support Services: Offering counseling, mentorship, and educational programs to strengthen family relationships
  • Youth Empowerment: Providing resources and guidance to empower young individuals to overcome challenges and realize their full potential
  • Domestic Violence Support: Offering a safe haven and comprehensive support services for survivors of domestic violence
  • Senior Citizen Care: Ensuring the well-being of our elderly population through social activities, healthcare assistance, and advocacy

How to Get Involved

Joining our workplace giving campaigns is simple:

  1. Reach out to our Corporate Giving Team to discuss partnership opportunities
  2. Customize a workplace giving program that aligns with your organization's mission and values
  3. Organize fundraising events, employee engagement activities, or donation drives
  4. Encourage employees to contribute through payroll deductions or one-time donations
  5. Track and celebrate the impact of your contributions on our community

Make a Difference Today

By participating in our workplace giving campaigns, you are investing in a brighter future for Prescott, where individuals and families have access to vital resources and support. Together, we can create a stronger, more compassionate community and society.

Join Haven Family Resource Center in making a difference through workplace giving campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved or to explore partnership opportunities.

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